xoJane: World’s Best Self Tanner


xoJane: World’s Best Self Tanner

xoJane editor, Allison Freer, test drives three different Vita Liberata self tanning products and deems us quite worthy of the lofty title, “World’s Best Most Expensive Self Tanner”

In a humorous, blunt, and honest review of our Vita Liberata products, Allison permanently borrowed her aunt’s self tanning stash and stumbled upon the combination to the most flawless tan. “The stuff I stole from my aunt is Vita Liberata’s flagship product — their pHenomenal tan mousse.”

She couldn’t believe the results and “…loved them SO MUCH, I promptly took to Sephora to buy myself both versions of their face-specific self-tanner.”

Thrilled and surprised by our impressive odorless product line, Allison said that “There was ZERO foul smell associated with any of the Vita Liberata products I used.”

The hilarious xoJane editor kept expanding her ever growing Vita Liberata collection by adding our Rich Tinted Self Tanning Lotion and our Warm Untinted Self Tanning Lotion then deemed our self tanning line the “Cadillac of Self Tanners!” The winning formula in her own words are “A COMBO OF BOTH THE TINTED AND UNTINTED LOTION IS THE HOLY GRAIL OF SELF-TANNING.”

Run, don’t walk over to your local Sephora store or log on to Sephora.com to experience the World’s Best Self Tanner!

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