The world-first Trystal™ Minerals hits the shelves!


The World-First Trystal™ Minerals Hits The Shelves!

The groundbreaking NEW Trystal™ Minerals with revolutionary Trystal3™ crystal minerals tan technology is the world’s first self tanning bronzing mineral powder!

This revolutionary self-tanning bronzer offers pure mineral coverage and a lasting tan.

It is the first ever powder formula that can tan the skin. The tanning agent in crystal minerals form interacts with your moisturizer or liquid foundation base to leave a lasting glow.

Love the contouring look? Use more on the cheekbones to create contours you never knew you had, that will last even after showering!

Trystal™ Minerals has already proven incredibly popular with beauty editors:

‘A gradual tan and powder bronzer in one #genius.’ Alessandra Steinherr, Glamour Magazine

‘Could well be a contender for a new tanning category’ Vogue Magazine

‘Game-Changing Glow’ Hello Magazine

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