Vivianna Does Makeup Loves Body Blur HD Skin Finish!



Vivianna Does Makeup Loves Body Blur HD Skin Finish!


YouTube beauty guru Anna AKA Vivianna Does Makeup is loving her Body Blur glow-over!

Say hello to Body Blur HD Skin Finish… It’s the instant body makeup that perfects your skin by masking blemishes, bronzing skin and reflecting the light for a photo-ready finish. And guess what? Beauty bloggers are LOVING it for flawless summer skin!

The latest beauty blogger to join the Body Revolution? Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup! She says…

‘It’s basically makeup for your body, it just leaves you looking very glowy and really bronzed which is exactly what I wanted. It’s a wash off tan so there isn’t any prep involved, you just basically throw it on! I really enjoy using a brush with this it just goes on so smoothly and its really easy to do hard to reach areas. It’s got this nice shimmery property to it that makes you look very JLO-like. I love it because it’s waterproof and it has a bit of coverage to it.’


‘There’s a Summer Party Get Ready With Me video that’s just gone live and things get GLOWY thanks to the @VitaLiberata Body Blur’
Check out Anna’s Get Ready With Me Video here.

The best bit? Body Blur HD Skin Finish is odourless, transfer resistant and super moisturising. You can get flawless, nourished skin in seconds with our latest skin finishing product.

Body Blur HD Skin FinishTop Tips

  • Apply Body Blur using hands, a mitt or a large blending brush all over the body for a truly airbrushed result.
  • Mix in a small squeeze with your foundation for a glowy, bronzed complexion.
  • Using a makeup brush or body blender, blend Body Blur down the center of your legs and arms, across your décolleté and along your brow and cheekbones for a gorgeous body & face highlight.

Want flawlessly bronzed skin like Anna? Shop www.vitaliberata.co.uk  now and use code VIVIANNA20 for 20% off Body Blur!

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