Trystal Minerals Bronzer : 6 Ways To Use This Multi-Tasking Bronzer!



Trystal Minerals Bronzer : 6 Ways To Use This Multi-Tasking Bronzer!


Branded ‘game-changing’ and genius by Glamour Magazine, the groundbreaking technology in Trystal Minerals wowed beauty fans upon it’s release in 2015. And it’s no surprise, Trystal is the world’s first self tanning bronzer that allows you to create lasting contours as well as a flawless, natural bronze… hello permanently contoured cheekbones!
You loved our Trystal Minerals so much that we decided to press your favourite powder into a handy compact – introducing Trystal Pressed Mineral Bronzer – perfect for bronzing on the go!

Getting a sunkissed glow isn’t all you can use this wonder-product for! Did you know you can also use your Trystal Bronzing Minerals as an eyeshadow, or to create fuller, plumper lips? We spoke to our VIP Tanning Ambassador, Alexandra DiMarchi, to give us the lowdown on how to get the most out of your Trystal Mineral Bronzer – pressed or loose, the choice is yours!

1. Define your eyes

The highly pigmented powder can be used to create multiple eye looks… natural, smokey or contoured. ‘I love using Trystal to contour since it’s matte and will enhance a deep-set crease. It can also be used to mimic a crease on certain eye shapes. Using a blending eyeshadow brush, swipe back and forth in the crease, adding more product as you go to darken the colour. MAC’s 221 brush is the perfect blending brush for this as it is slimmer and will keep the product in your crease. To finish the look add a satin/shimmer shadow to your lid for a lifted appearance.’

2. Create Lasting contours

Create chiseled cheekbones in one quick step: ‘Suck in your cheeks and feel where your natural cheekbone is. Take an angled face brush and apply the product in light circular motions in the hollows of your cheek or lightly dab the product to prevent ruining your foundation. Begin with a little product and gradually build the color.’


3. Touch up your tan

Fading tan? It’s Trystal and Body Blur to the rescue! ‘I pair Trystal and Body Blur together to touch up a fading tan. Lightly blend Body Blur with a tanning mitt in circular motions around noticeably fading areas. For areas that are not as noticeable use Trystal Minerals – use a light hand to quickly brush the product around the areas that need touch ups.

4. Contour your nose

Slim your nose using just a blending brush and your Trystal Minerals ‘Less is more when contouring/slimming your nose! Take a small blending brush and shade two lines down the length of your nose and blend to prevent harsh lines. This will give your nose a slimmer appearance. You can also use this technique to give the appearance of a shorter nose; using your shading brush put a little bronzer on the tip of the nose and around the indent of the nostrils

5. Enhance your cleavage

Maximize your assets with our mineral bronzer: ‘Defining the breast area depends on the outfit. If it’s a v-neck use an angle brush and define around the curve of the breast in half circles. This will make them look fuller and closer together. If someone is wearing an off the shoulder dress/top the breast should appear more lifted. Lift your breast and will be able to see your natural contour, and will know where to apply the Trystal Minerals

6. Create fuller lips

Our favourite tip of all? Create fuller lips using Trystal! ‘I like to use a shading eyeshadow brush with a small amount of Trystals and blend it under my bottom lip so my lips appear fuller in the center. It is easier and more natural than over lining my bottom lips.

Add Trystal Mineral Bronzer to your makeup bag and create multiple, bronzey looks! Shop here.

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