Think Dirty, We’re Clean! 


Think Dirty,We’re Clean! 

In our quest to ensure your beauty regime is as kind to skin as it can possibly be, we decided to let independent experts test the purity of our products and ingredients.

Think Dirty has created a tool to investigate the ingredients in your favourite beauty products, rating them on a ‘Dirty’ scale – 0 being the best (cleanest) and 10 being the worst (dirtiest)!

Think Dirty founder & CEO Lily Tse wants to help inform people as to the harmful ingredients in some everyday cosmetics. She developed the Think Dirty app to let you cut through ingredients jargon, making it easier to understand exactly

what brands are putting in their products, and what you are putting on your skin. This is revolutionary and looks set to make the cosmetic industry more transparent.

The Think Dirty team tested Vita Liberata tanners and we’re so pleased (but not at all surprised) to announce that we’re clean! The team confirmed that all our tans are free from any chemicals of concern, and in fact they all rated between 0-2, making us super-clean!

If you don’t already have the Think Dirty App, you can download it from the App Store and scan the barcode codes on your favourite products to see their Dirty Rating.

Download Think Dirty here

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