So, What Is Advoganic Technology?



So, What Is Advoganic Technology?


We’ve supercharged the organic ingredients in all of our products to give you results that surpass those gained from traditional cosmetic chemicals. We call it Advoganic Technology, you’re welcome.

What is Advoganic technology?

Advoganic Technology combines cutting edge proprietary skin chemistry with highly potent organic botanicals, to fully release their potential, enabling skincare benefits that are vastly superior to those found in formulas using traditional cosmetic chemicals.

Advoganic stands for Advanced Organic. It is the name for the collection of technologies that we developed along the way in our quest to make the best tan in the world. Think of Pheno2, Odour Remove, Trystal 3, HY20, these technologies all came about while enabling organic botanicals to perform as well as, if not better than traditional cosmetic chemicals. That in itself is pretty amazing, but let’s take a step back to think about traditional cosmetic chemicals – why don’t we love them?


Chemicals of concern

About 95% of beauty products are made with some – if not many – chemicals of concern – commonly known as CMR’s. The most famous are the Dirty Dozen which include phthalates and sulphates, amongst other harmful ingredients. WHAT IS A CMR? Carcinogen – causes cancer Mutagen – causes cells to mutate Reprotoxic – interferes with reproductive capacity Clearly they are dangerous chemicals – so why are they still being used? Because they are cheap, readily available, and easy to use.

We think this is wrong

And so we use only organic extracts or safe and compatible ingredients with clear toxicological properties. Ok – so what difference is there between what we do and the other organic brands?

Advoganic technology

The only problem with organic actives is that while they are very pure they are also a bit useless in their cosmetic state. They may hold tremendous potential – but they keep it locked away deep within their molecular structure. Which is why – most often – people profess to like organic but actually choose products for their effectiveness long before they consider the ingredients they out on their skin.

And this is why our products perform best

Because we apply Advoganic Technology to release the true potential of organic actives, creating formulas that are superior in their efficacy to those made with traditional cosmetic chemicals. And that is why we are so proud of Advoganic Technology!

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