Self Tanning and Sun Tanning – Myths and Facts


Self Tanning And Sun Tanning – Myths And Facts

Vita Liberata self tanners mean that you don’t have to bake in the sun to achieve beautifully natural looking tan results, but we get asked lots of questions about self tanning and sun tanning – below we break the myths and unveil the facts!

Self tanner protects against the sun – MYTH

If you apply Vita Liberata self tanner before going out in the sun, you still have to apply SPF to protect against UV rays. Vita Liberata replicates the look of a natural tan but it won’t offer any sun protection. Use a non-oil based SPF over your self tan as essential oils

can break the tan down faster and reduce the long lasting tan result.

Tanning before going on holiday prepares the skin for sun exposure – MYTH

If you want to arrive on your holiday with an already golden tan, choose pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan as this will last right through your break, ensuring you look naturally tan on the beach without the need for unnecessary exposure to UV rays. If you are exposed to sun during your holiday – always remember to apply SPF protection!

Sun tanning causes premature aging of the skin – FACT

UV exposure over time causes premature skin aging. That’s one reason you should stay out of the sun and use Vita Liberata self tanner to achieve a natural looking, healthy glow instead! #BetterThanBaking!

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