Vita Liberata Phenomenal Review



Vita Liberata Phenomenal Review


YouTube Beauty vlogger, Seth Akins, a connoisseur of self tanning lotions, sets the bar high for fake tan products and Vita Liberata pHenomenal passes the test!

With high standards for self tanners, Seth set his requirements to include:

  • Minimal smell, Pleasant scent 
  • Sinks in quickly (Quick Drying)
  • Beautiful color development
  • Without streaks or patches
  • Great bronze, golden color
  • Long Lasting

In his comprehensive video review of Vita Liberata pHenomenal Self Tan Mousse in Medium, Seth loves how our products went above and beyond everything he looks for in a self tanner.

He exclaims how extremely pleased he was with his Sephora’s Beauty Insiders pHenomenal promo, which included a mini-sized bottle of pHenomenal Self Tan Mousse in Medium and a miniature sized mitt for application. The mini-sized mitt is perfect for hard to reach areas, facial tanning, and buffing any streaks for a flawless sunless tan.

In his comparison to St. Tropez tanning products, pHenomenal Self Tan Mousse offers more of a warm Jennifer “J.Lo” Lopez glow than a deep olive color.

Watch to see what Seth Akins has to say about pHenomenal being completely odorless and perfect for a warm, gorgeous glow. pHenomenal is also featured in his May Favorites video and his Hauling video on YouTube!

Shop pHenomenal and experience the luxury of a Vita Liberata tan.

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