Your Morning Beauty Routine with Aquis and Vita Liberata



Your Morning Beauty Routine with Aquis and Vita Liberata


No time to wash your hair AND tan as a part of your morning beauty routine? Think again…

We’ve teamed up Aquis, specialists in efficient hair care, to help you achieve healthy hair and glowing skin in 6 easy steps!

The experts at Aquis believe that how you dry your hair is the key to strong and healthy hair. They also say that it is the single most overlooked step in hair care. Aquis are passionate about educating to show how hair can be dried efficiently, quickly and without heat.


The answer? The Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Turban! This must-have beauty tool dries, protects and primes hair quickly. So say goodbye to frizz, breakage and dullness and hello to healthy, shiny hair!

Much like the Aquis Hair Turban, we formulated Ten Minute Tan with busy women in mind. This multitasking body lotion not only gives you a beautiful, sunkissed glow, but it also delivers a deeply hydrating body treatment with a collagen boost. Advoganic Techology enables the organic botanicals in the formula to fully release their potential, so you get a supercharged skincare treatment as well as a tan. Apply our nourishing and anti ageing tanning lotion, wait 10 minutes and rinse… that’s it!

Aquis Hair Turban + Ten Minute Tan = a fuss-free match made in heaven!

To help get you on the way to glowing skin and glossy hair, we’ve rewritten your morning beauty routine. Simply follow the below steps for a natural-looking tan and gorgeous hair in no time!

  1. Shower & wash your hair as usual. Wrap your hair in your Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Turban to take your hair from wet to damp, quickly, evenly and without heat
  2. Apply Ten Minute Tan using a Self Tanning Mitt, in long circular motions. The silky smooth lotion is caramel coloured to ensure you don’t miss a bit
  3. Wait 10 minutes, or 20 for a deeper glow!
  4. Rinse your skin using water only and pat dry
  5. Take your hair down, and style hair as usual – your hair drying time has been cut by 50%!
  6. Your gorgeous, natural looking tan will develop 4-6 hours later

So there you have it, streamline your beauty routine with Aquis & Ten Minute Tan!

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