Meet The GLOW Team…Nadine Baggott Beauty Journalist and Youtuber #GlowYourOwnWay



Meet The GLOW Team…Nadine Baggott Beauty Journalist and Youtuber #GlowYourOwnWay


“A great self tan is like confidence in a bottle” – we couldn’t have put it better ourselves, Nadine! The one and only Nadine Baggott joined us for our latest campaign to talk about what self tanning means for her.

Health & beauty journalist, presenter and Youtuber, Nadine has a wealth of industry knowledge – so when it comes to self tan, she knows what she’s talking about…

Nadine says “it’s so important to choose a formulation that suits your skin type”.

We’re dedicated to bringing you self tan that’s primarily based around skincare, so that you’re getting nourished AND bronzed skin. Our collection is super versatile; there’s an application type that suits everyone, whether it be in the form of a mousse, lotion, serum, mask or powder.

Nadine also says “the colour is important, choose a shade that suits your skin tone”.

Our products are designed to give you your most natural looking glow, full stop. Choose your shade according to the depth of tan you wish to achieve; a buildable formula for a subtle tan, shade ‘light’ for a weekend in the sun look, shade ‘medium’ for a week in the sun look and shade ‘dark’ for a 2 weeks in the sun look.

Nadine Baggott’s glow to products


Self Tanning Anti Age Serum

Our silky smooth serum is a made to measure tanning serum with intense anti age benefits. It gives a natural-looking face glow, whilst helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and plumping & conditioning skin.

Nadine loves our Serum for a “slow build face glow”, she uses it “3 or 4 nights in a row to get that ‘I’ve been in the sun for 2 weeks look’”. Nadine says “It’s got a hydrating, glow feel to it so it makes your skin look plump and healthy”.


Body Blur

Multi award winning Body Blur is a HD body makeup that gives skin coverage to any imperfections such as bruising, cellulite and spider veins, a subtle tan tint and a gorgeous glow.

Nadine swears by Body Blur because of it’s “natural looking colour” and the fact that “it never goes wrong”!

‘Good fake tan goes by unnoticed… you don’t look at the fake tan, you just look at the perfect skin’ – Nadine Baggott.

Stay tuned this month to listen to the rest of our influencer’s tanning stories.

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