Meet The Glow Team… Megan Rose Lane Makeup Artist



Meet The Glow Team… Megan Rose Lane Makeup Artist


“There is something about having a tan which just makes you feel like you’re glowing…that is really empowering and can make you feel really sexy” We couldn’t agree more Megan!

Makeup artist and beauty blogger Megan Rose Lane joined us as part of our Glow Your Own Way campaign to tell us all about her favourite Vita Liberata products and how her tanning journey has changed since becoming pregnant.

Megan says: “since I found I was pregnant I switched to completely natural and organic skincare 95% of the time”. Her go-to self tanning product, Invisi Foaming Tan Water definitely ticks that box. It’s 96% Organic, 100% transfer free and our darkest tan yet! The best bit? The organic water pumps out as a completely colourless mousse, so you can wear white as soon as you’ve applied it, with no risk of staining your favourite summer outfit.

Megan’s Must Have Product – Invisi Foaming Tan Water

The added Aloe Vera means your skin is left feeling and looking soft, smooth and luxurious – this super active organic ingredient is what gives the water its natural golden shade. What’s more, Invisi Tanning Water has no odour, as Megan points out – “my boyfriend has no idea I’m wearing it because it has no smell!”

Megan also says “I feel like once I’ve got it on I don’t even feel like I’m wearing anything” which is perfect for those busy summer days when you don’t want to feel sticky.

We’re passionate about creating products which allow you to live your best life, and that means formulas that feel like nothing on your skin and are free from any potentially harmful chemicals. Made using exclusively natural ingredients, there are zero chemicals of concern in any of our products, which means that for mums-to-be like Megan, you don’t have to worry about using our products during your pregnancy.*


No color, no chemicals, no transfer on to clothes – it’s clear to see why Invisi Tan is the easiest way to get your glow!

Invisi Foaming Tan Water is available now at Boots in store and online.

Stay tuned this month to listen to the rest of our influencer’s tanning stories.

*In line with industry standards, we advise not to use self tan during the first trimester


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