Meet the girl behind LA’s A-list golden glows…


Meet the girl behind LA’s A-list golden glows…

Want to know who is giving our LA influencer A-list their golden glows? Meet Alexandra DiMarchi, one of our VIP Spray Tanning Ambassadors…

Tells us about yourself!
I’m Alexandra DiMarchi!I have called Los Angeles my home for three years now ever since leaving Virginia to further my career in the beauty industry. I have been fortunate enough to work with well-known Northern Virginia salons since 2008. Serving first as a receptionist learning about each department of the business, and having worked as a Makeup Artist for brands such as Bare Essentials and MAC Cosmetics.

The first part of my time in Los Angeles was spent earning my degree in Merchandising and Marketing for the beauty industry with a focus on sunless tanning while at the Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing. I am now a freelance Makeup Artist while working on my company Airbrush by Alexandra.

How did you become a spray tanning artist?

I became involved in sunless tanning after my two best friends educated me on the harmful effects of too much sun exposure and tanning beds after their time as practicing estheticians. After years of experimenting with self-tanners, I fell in love with the art of airbrush tanning.


I started attending tanning seminars/taking classes and researching multiple brands to test their solution before offering my services to people. I became passionate about giving everyone a safe glow. As my business grows I aim to educate my clients about the benefits of sunless tanning

Describe your typical day?

I do not have a typical day! I work as a makeup artist while also working on my airbrush tanning business. I’m working on growing my airbrush tanning clients to open a studio in Los Angeles so I have a location for them to come to. My daily life consists of researching locations/working on a business plan/attending networking events etc. My time is spent improving my future and working on my business.

What’s the best thing about your job?

The best part of my job is receiving feedback from my clients about how happy they are with their service, and convincing people who have misconceptions about airbrush tanning to switch over to the service! My clients have been a diverse group of men and women coming to me for variety of reasons and motivations. Some clients come for special occasions, and some come due to skin conditions or medical issues that have effective their skin. I take great pride in making my clients feel comfortable during their service, and providing a quality service that has boosted their self-confidence.

Who are some of your best known clients?

Not all of my clients are in the lime light and I cater to wide array of professionals who want to add some bronze to their day. Jade Marie, better known as JadeyWadey180 on social media, is my best known client. After receiving my services she has informed her followers of my work and has continued to post about her satisfaction with her new glow. Her input and support has been a great help to gaining outside in interest in my services.

What’s the secret to gorgeous, glowing skin?

There is no perfect answer to this! What I consider most important is skin care, diet and hydration! I’m cautious of what I eat because I know it will show through my skin, and I make sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. I have a strict skin care regimen to keep my makeup looking flawless, and regularly exfoliate my body to insure a smooth application of my sunless tanning products.

Who is your beauty icon?

My beauty icon is Draya Michelle. I always adore her makeup and how she has been able to pull off any style or color of hair with her look. She is not shy about being seen without makeup, and will proudly walk the red carpet or attend events without the assistance of a makeup artist or hair stylist. She even took the meaning of beauty to another level the way she embraced her pregnancy and maintain her gorgeous appearance throughout. Her glowing self-confidence and success in building her business and brand is something for me to admire in a future version of myself.

What are your tips for creating a glowing, Red home?

Vita Liberata’s Body Blur! It is my go-to, and I rave to everyone about it. It’s like makeup for the body. It gives enough coverage to disguise imperfections while adding a tint of color for the perfect light glow!

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