Last minute party invite? Get the perfect party glow in seconds!


Last Minute Party Invite? Get The Perfect Party Glow In Seconds!

Last minute night out? 24ct Tinted Self Tan Lotion is your tanning saviour!

For those times when you need to be ready and looking your best in a matter of minutes, 24ct Tinted Self Tan Lotion offers one-night-only natural looking tan that washes off when you’re ready! Infused with a gorgeous subtle shimmer, your fabulously bronzed skin will literally dazzle!

Thanks to conditioning certified organic botanicals such as Hydrolysed Silk, Raspberry and Liquorice and as ultra hydrating Moisture

Locking System, your skin will get an instant hit of moisture, while being beautifully tanned at the same time.

And with Odour Remove™ Technology for zero smell, you can dance the night away confident that your tan will smell of absolutely nothing!

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VitaLibreta 24ct Tinted Self Tan Lotion

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