Interview with CEO, Alyson Hogg



Interview with, CEOAlyson Hogg


Get to know Alyson Hogg, the strong-minded woman behind the brand, everything Vita Liberata stands for and how the world’s leading self-tanning brand all came about.

Alyson Hogg’s vision for Vita Liberata came about from a desire to produce products that ‘actually work’. Sick and tired of buying products that promised the world and achieved very little, in 2003 she set about finding a chemist to work with to produce a line of ‘simple, but clever’ skincare products for women on the go. This was followed by a line of colour cosmetics, and using her experience in both of the former, moved on 

to develop the tinted self tanning range that has helped make the Vita Liberata brand a powerful player in the tanning industry.

Her mantra for self tanning includes, “To see people smile when they use the product is the real reward.I come from a country where people can be very pale indeed and where skies can be dramatic but rather grey. When people use this product they are reminded of that holiday feeling, glowing healthy skin, blue skies and sunshine! Those feelings are not interrupted by nasty smells, sticky skin and streaky results. It’s literally what Vita Liberata stands for – Free Life!”

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