How To Get The Perfect Wedding Tan


How To Get The Perfect Wedding Tan

Your Wedding Tan is the most important faux-glow of your life

One of the golden rules for a bride is to look naturally beautiful – never fake – and your skin is your most important asset!

Given that your dress is likely a shade of white, cream or nude, it is critical that you set it off with skin that is glowing, perfect and naturally bronze.

To achieve the perfect wedding day glow, here are my top tips…

Practice Your Wedding Tan Before The Big Day

Practice with your preferred product at least two weeks before the wedding. This will leave you plenty of time for the product to have completely faded before you apply for real two days before the big day! If you have super pale, hard to tan skin, you will get a best result by applying a light product twice in a row. This is true for a spray tan and an at home lotion or mousse.

Choose the Best Product for Your Faux Glow

Your wedding day is not the time to skimp or cut corners, the photos will last the rest of your life.If you are going for a professional tan choose your spray tan artist carefully. Look up reviews, check out the salon, and be very picky! Choose a product that is good for

your skin, doesn’t streak, is moisturising, and never goes orange! You want an artist who treats you like a Hollywood celebrity and takes care with all the details, especially hands, feet elbows, knees and neck.

Prepare Your Skin

Make sure your skin is in tip top condition. Prepare by exfoliating with a nourishing skin polish like Vita Liberata Super Fine Skin Polish, that will remove dead skin cells without scratching the skin.


If you are applying at home, make sure to follow these simple rules:

  • After application use a damp cloth to wipe over drier areas such as wrists, elbows, knees and ankles
  • No contact with water for at least 6-8 hours (that includes washing your hands!)
  • Avoid activities that will make you perspire
  • No tight clothing until you have rinsed off
  • Rinse in the shower with water only (don’t exfoliate or use shower gels/soaps) and keep rinsing till the water runs clear
  • Moisturise daily with a non-oily/non perfumed moisturiser

The Big Finish!

On the day of your wedding give your skin a red carpet finish with a sheer layer of Body Blur on your arms and legs, across your collar bones, and as a highlighter on your cheek bones.

Body Blur is a skin perfector that uses light reflecting pearls to disguise any blemishes, and leaves you with longer, slimmer looking, more beautiful limbs. It will catch the light on camera and be the perfect partner to your beautiful dress. Apply with a tanning mitt, leave to set for a few minutes, and then blot gently with a towel or cloth.

Take a look at this video for the perfect application


Now that you have a truly perfect glow, wear your dress with pride and party like never before. This is your big day…. own it!

Face Tans for Brides

The key to bridal makeup is to look fresh faced and glowing. You aren’t going to a night club! Try Vita Liberata Anti Age Self Tan Serum for the perfect dewy glow on face, neck and décolleté, and blend from body to face.

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