Glow Your Own Way with Nalintha Lala Perera


Glow Your Own Way with Nalintha Lala Perera

The latest member of our Glow Your Own Way gang is many things; a model, actress, artist, radio host and interior designer, to name a few. But one thing Nalintha Lala Perera isn’t? An experienced self-tanner. That’s why we were so happy to welcome her onto the Vita Liberata set, to show her that tanning doesn’t have to be terrifying.

“I think my biggest fear with self-tanning is because I just don’t know how to even do it and worry am I actually just going to look like a streaky mess?

Nalintha’s fears are by no means unique and we know that the tanning process can be daunting, which is why we have formulated our self tans to be as easy to apply as possible. The proof is in Nalintha’s glowing tan, which she achieved with phenomenal 2-3-week Tanning Mousse. She tells us she loves this particular product because of “how it went on really smoothly.” Even better is the fact that Nalintha feels “comfortable in my own skin” and thinks the tan “looks really realistic, not like I am wearing fake tan!”

Nalintha goes on to tell us that while “naturally my skin tone is a deeper skin tone” she still loves to keep that post-holiday glow and look bronzed, because it makes her feel better.

Not only does it make her feel great, but Nalintha loves how natural the results are, “it looks really realistic, like I have a natural tan”. Here at Vita we believe tanning should be for everyone, which is a sentiment Nalintha agrees with “I think there is a misconception that dark skin girls don’t like to tan and I’m finding more and more that my generation actually like our skin to be tanned because you feel healthy and you glow”.

On top of being our longest lasting tan, pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan is formulated with natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Raspberry and Ginkgo Biloba to nourish your skin as well as give you a smooth, non-streaky application that’s easy and no fuss! Like all our range pHenomenal Tan has a Flash Dry effect meaning you don’t feel sticky while your tan develops, and our patented Moisture Lock system offers 72 hour hydration so your skin looks refreshed as well as being beautifully bronzed.

And if you needed any more convincing that self-tan can be for everyone, just look at the beautiful before and after that left Nalintha glowing and feeling like “I just came back from my holiday!”.

Now available at Boots where the whole Vita Liberata range is currently on Buy One Get One Half Price.

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