Bring your man in from the cold with Vita Liberata Warm!


Bring your man in from the cold with Vita Liberata Warm!

Warm up your man this fall…give him Warm Gradual Tan Lotion by Vita Liberata!

Warm by Vita Liberata is the must-have man-tan for all the guys in your life! Be it your boyfriend, husband, dad or brother, Warm is a stocking filler superstar that they will all thank you for.

It combines ultimate hydration with the most subtle touch of natural warmth that will lift your man’s complexion without any tell-tale self tan sign.

Most men tend to avoid self-tan but with Warm, they won’t even realise they’re wearing it – it is THE most natural rehydrating body lotion, that simply takes you from dry and pasty to conditioned and fresh in an instant.

Applying clear like a moisturiser with ultra-conditioning organic ingredients, Warm couldn’t be easier to use and will repair and revitalise winter skin in no time at all. With the added benefit of absolutely no smell – Warm will become your man’s new best friend (and will guarantee he looks pretty good in those Christmas photos too!)

What it does:

Hydrates skin post shaving
Gives your man’s skin a natural warmth
Doesn’t cling to pores
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Warm Gradual Tan Lotion.

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