10 reasons to love our new Marula Self Tan Dry Oil SPF 50


10 reasons to love our new Marula Self Tan Dry Oil SPF 50

Marula Self Tan Dry Oil SPF 50 – it’s the new self tan product that the beauty industry can’t get enough of. Not only does this luxurious oil provide a gradual and lasting self tan, it also treats skin with its nourishing, natural ingredients and protects from UVA and UBV rays. If those 3 weren’t enough, here’s 10 more reasons we love Marula Self Tan Dry Oil SPF 50 – and we think you will too!

Beautiful Bronzing

Marula Dry Oil Self Tan gives flawless, natural tanning that works with your individual skin tone to give a bespoke result that perfectly suits your own look. A balance of eco-certified tanning active DHA and natural and organic extracts ensures your tan always looks ultra-natural for that ‘has she or hasn’t she?’ bronze glow.

Powerful Hydration

Intensely hydrating oils including marula,

monoi, lemongrass and neroli deeply condition and nourish skin, offering a stunning all round skincare treatment in one simple application.

Anti Age Actives

The anti age benefits of marula and neroli include assisting with cell renewal, protecting against damaging environmental effects, neutralising free radicals and helping to build healthy collagen to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This leads to soft, smooth, plump, radiant skin.

UV Protection

Marula Dry Oil Self Tan is the world’s only self tanner to include broad spectrum SPF 50. This incredible addition allows you to use the luxury oil as all day sun protection, topping up as and when you need it throughout the day thanks to the unique formula that tans skin without building up to an unnatural colour.


Buildable Colour

Marula Dry Oil Self Tan is a gradual build tan, meaning you can achieve subtle, natural looking colour when applied once and left for 4-8 hours, and then choose to deepen that colour with regular application. Alternatively, apply a little less regularly to maintain a sunkissed glow all year round.

Holiday Skin

Thanks to the SPF protection, natural glow and hydrating oil base, Marula Dry Oil Self Tan is the perfect vacation companion for protecting pre-sun exposure and repairing post-sun.

Everyday Moisture

Marula Dry Oil Self Tan can replace your regular body lotion, giving everyday hydration while building a subtle natural glow at the same time.

Evening Glow

Thanks to the subtle shimmer in Marula Dry Oil Self Tan, and the dewy glow offered by the luxury oils, this product makes an amazing instant skin finish for evening events.

Organic Skincare

With natural and organic skincare extracts including Marula, Monoi, Lemongrass and Neroli, this oil is the ultimate multi-tasker, acting as a rich body moisturiser as well as tanning the skin.

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