• DIY Tan Beauty on Daytime Tampa

    Beauty expert, Mickey Williams raves about the pHenomenal DIY tan that lasts up to 3 weeks and that just hit Sephora stores this month! Check out her application tips with our Vita Liberata mitts. Continue reading

  • Vita Liberata Phenomenal Review

    YouTube Beauty vlogger, Seth Akins, a connoisseur of self tanning lotions, sets the bar high for fake tan products and Vita Liberata pHenomenal passes the test!

    With high standards for self tanners, Seth set his requirements to include:

    • Minimal smell, Pleasant scent 
    • Sinks in quickly (Quick Drying)
    • Beautiful color development
    • Without streaks or patches
    • Great bronze, golden color
    • Long Lasting

    In his comprehensive video review of Vita Liberata pHenomenal Self Tan Mousse in Medium, Seth loves how our products went above and beyond everything he looks for in a self tanner.

    He exclaims how extremely pleased he was with his Sephora's Beauty Insiders pHenomenal promo, which included a mini-sized bottle of pHenomenal Self Tan Mousse in Medium and a miniature sized mitt for application. The mini-sized mitt is perfect for hard to reach areas, facial tanning, and buffing any streaks for a flawless sunless tan.

    In his comparison to St. Tropez tanning products, pHenomenal Self Tan Mousse offers more of a warm Jennifer "J.Lo" Lopez glow than a deep olive color.

    Watch to see what Seth Akins has to say about pHenomenal being completely odorless and perfect for a warm, gorgeous glow. pHenomenal is also featured in his May Favorites video and his Hauling video on YouTube!

    Shop pHenomenal and experience the luxury of a Vita Liberata tan.


    Celebrities arrived in Los Angeles last night for the annual Screen Actor Guild Awards and the Vita Liberata VIP Tan Team were in the middle of it all, checking out the fabulous style and of course judging the best celebrity tans on show at the SAG Awards 2015!

    Our Celebrity Tan & Skin Finishing Expert Fiona Locke also took time out to tell us what beauty product has been in high demand during the 2015 awards season. pHenomenal - the world's longest lasting tanner was, of course, on every A Lister's wish list! Watch the video now and get yours at Sephora in the USA and in UK.

    [video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]


    Here are a few of our SAG Awards 2015 Red Carpet Winners!

    Sofia Vergara looked incredible and showed us you need no filter when you look as flawless as she does! Whoever said wearing red blends into the red carpet was SO WRONG and we loved her pHenomenal Tan!

    Sofia Vergara Vita Liberata pHenomenal tan SAG AWARDS 2015 Sofia Vergara looked phenomenal at SAG Awards 2015 GETTY IMAGES

    Jennifer Anniston wowed on the red carpet and embraced the golden goddess look. The hair, the dress, the body...amazing!

    Vita Liberta Jennifer Aniston stunning tan at SAG Awards 2015 Jennifer Aniston's looked stunning & tan at SAG Awards 2015 GETTY IMAGES

    Reese Witherspoon won our award for “Natural Beauty” in an elegant white dress with a subtle natural tan & minimal makeup.

    Vita Liberata Reese Witherspoon tan SAG Awards 2015 Vita Liberata love Reese Witherspoon's grecian golden glow at SAG Awards 2015 GETTY IMAGES

    Julia Roberts also caught our attention with her warm skin tone and hair colour. It brought life to a simple Givenchy jumpsuit – oh so stylish!

    Julia Roberts with a gorgeous skin finish at SAG Awards 2015 Julia Roberts with a gorgeous skin finish at SAG Awards 2015 GETTY IMAGES



    These leading ladies know how to light up the red carpet! Achieve the same look as the stars with our SAG Awards secret weapons – Vita Liberata’s pHenomenal 2-3 week tan and the new Trystal™ Tan, the world’s first tanning bronzer coming soon to Sephora and Boots!

    Until next year SAG Awards…but we’ll be seeing the celebrities again at the Oscars next month so don't miss our coverage – exciting!

  • Interview with CEO, Alyson Hogg

    Get to know Alyson Hogg, the strong-minded woman behind the brand, everything Vita Liberata stands for and how the world's leading self-tanning brand all came about.

    Alyson Hogg’s vision for Vita Liberata came about from a desire to produce products that ‘actually work’. Sick and tired of buying products that promised the world and achieved very little, in 2003 she set about finding a chemist to work with to produce a line of ‘simple, but clever’ skincare products for women on the go. This was followed by a line of colour cosmetics, and using her experience in both of the former, moved on to develop the tinted self tanning range that has helped make the Vita Liberata brand a powerful player in the tanning industry.

    Her mantra for self tanning includes, “To see people smile when they use the product is the real reward.  I come from a country where people can be very pale indeed and where skies can be dramatic but rather grey. When people use this product they are reminded of that holiday feeling, glowing healthy skin, blue skies and sunshine! Those feelings are not interrupted by nasty smells, sticky skin and streaky results. It’s literally what Vita Liberata stands for – Free Life!”

  • Fall Beauty Survival Guide: Vita Liberata self tanner!


    Melody Iafelice raves about the Vita Liberata self tanner as the ultimate beauty survival tip for fall on Daytime Ottawa! No streaks, super easy to apply with the application mitt, this tanner delivers "the best color I ever had"! The entire range, available exclusively at SEPHORA, is also completely non-toxic; free of parabens, alcohols and perfume. The organic botanicals nourish the skin and ensure a perfect fade, every time. Watch this video to learn more about the Vita Liberata tanning collection, perfect for all skin types, face and body! Keep glowing! xx

  • Beach Bodies on New York Live

    Beauty expert, Raina Seitel tells New York Live viewers how to get a "Beach Body" with our must-have Vita Liberata Collection!

    Our buzzed about Vita Liberata Collection is featured on New York Live in a segment entitled “Beach Body.” Beauty expert, Raina Seitel provides viewers with her recommendations for the best beauty products to use this Summer in preparation for the beach, pool or vacation.

    She raves that Vita Liberata’s self-tanners leaves users with a streak-free, flawless finish and golden glow upon application. Don't forget to use our Tanning Mitt for that perfect, fool-proof finish! She also is impressed and loves how these products are completely odorless, so no one can tell you've been self tanning.

    New York Live is a weekday, lifestyle program. The show features segments on the arts, fashion, beauty, entertainment, celebrity gossip and interviews, as well as cooking segments.

    We couldn't be more thrilled to be featured on New York Live!

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