Glow Your Own Way - Self Tan For Everyone!

Vita Liberata houses a team of passionate experts dedicated to creating the latest game changers in the tanning industry, and we're here to tell you that self tan is for EVERYONE. Gone are the days of 'fake tan' that's sticky, smelly, patchy and messy, we're talking about self tan... It's still your skin, just on its very best day.
We're proud to offer a collection of organic, nourishing self tans that suit all skin tones, textures, ages and conditions. Our tans are;

Odourless thanks to FlashDry technology for instantly dry results

Hydrating due to our MoistureLock system that keeps skin hydrated for 72 hours after application

Fast Drying with help from FlashDry Effect for super fast drying results

Nourishing as we formulate our products with the very best organic and natural ingredients

Natural Looking due to formulas that adapt to your skin tone, for your most natural looking tan

100% natural Vegan Cruelty free

So join the movement, and glow your own way.

To celebrate our diverse collection of self tans, and to bust myths around our advanced tanning products, we took 10 influencers each with completely different skin types, to talk about their self tan experience.

Nadine Baggot

Health & beauty journalist, presenter and Youtuber, Nadine has a wealth of industry knowledge.

Megan Lane

Megan is a trained MUA turned beauty influencer with a passion for skincare, self love, wellness and beauty.

Sal Sal, aka The Eyebrow King, is a beauty YouTuber who specialises in fun makeup videos.

Bethan Webb Bethan is a self confessed makeup addict! With a passion for creating makeup tutorials and spreading body positivity.

Josie Fear Fashion & lifestyle blogger Josie shares vlogs, tutorials and beauty favourites on her Youtube & Instagram.

Emily Beeson Social media expert Emily, is an up and coming lifestyle influencer with a focus on vegan beauty.

Hilary Dart With over 25 years of beauty experience, Hilary is a brand consultant for some of the industry's leading brands.

Nalintha Kayser Model/actress/radio host/interior designer turned beauty and nutrition influencer, Nalintha has a whole range industry expertise.

Aliyah Blackwood
Model Aliyah works with some of the industry's leading beauty and fashion brands, to showcase their products.
Coral Kwayie Model and Instagram influencer Coral, is known for her gorgeous freckled skin and feels strongly about the media's responsibility to represent people with different looks.

Together, we formed the ultimate GLOW TEAM - stay tuned this month to listen to each of our influencer's individual tanning stories.

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