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  • Beauty Blur and Invisi Tan nominated for Glamour Beauty Powerlist 2018

    BIG NEWS! ✨ ✨ ✨

    The Glamour Beauty Power List 2018 has been announced, with two very special appearances from yours truly! That’s right, the ultimate beauty awards featuring your must-have beauty products from 2018 includes not one, but two Vita Liberata products!

    Put together by a highly esteemed team of experts and influencers, including Zoella and Patricia Bright, this is the go-to list for all things beauty and skin care, which is why we are thrilled to have been included!

    Remi Ishizuka Glowing in Invisi Tan

    Our newly released Beauty Blur Skin Tone Optimiser has been nominated in the Primer category and our Invisi Foaming Tan Water is up for Best Tanning Product!

    These two products were both launched at the beginning of the year but have fast found themselves becoming Holy Grail products for beauty loves everywhere! Check out InTheFrow’s review of Beauty Blur  here!

    Beauty Blur is our skin finishing face product that minimizes imperfections, gives a dewy finish and is perfect for those ‘no makeup-makeup’ looks on hot summer days.

    Invisi Foaming Tan Water is our cleanest tan yet; 96% organic and 100% natural, it’s changing the tanning game thanks to being completely clear as well as being free from potentially harmful chemicals. That’s right, no stained bed sheets, no marked clothes, not even a messy mitt! It’s the perfect go-to for busy tan fans who want all the bronze with none of the fuss.

    Hailey Baldwin Glowing in Beauty Blur before the Billboard Awards


    Share the love and vote for Beauty Blur and Invisi Tan!

    If you love Beauty Blur or Invisi Foaming water as much as we do then we would love if you’d vote and if you do you’ll be in with a chance of winning a spa day and overnight stay for two at London’s 5* Berkeley Hotel, or one of five beauty bags filled with winning products worth over £500! It’s quite literally a win-win.

  • Glow Your Own Way with Bethan Webb

    "I just feel really beautiful, really glowy, and just CONFIDENT" - that's Bethan Webb, beauty fanatic and YouTuber, on why she's obsessed with Vita Liberata products.

    Bethan joined us on set for our latest campaign 'Glow Your Own Way', to talk about why she chooses to self tan and her favourite Vita Liberata products to enhance her skin tone.

    Bethan, before her tan, holding product

    Bethan's go to skin perfector? Our body makeup, now with added self tan, Body Blur Sunless Glow. She says "I love wearing makeup so why wouldn't I treat my skin the same" - YES! We couldn't agree more!

    Body Blur HD Instant Skin Finish revolutionised the body bronzing game upon it's release in 2016, and it's showing no signs of slowing down. New Body Blur Sunless Glow offers the same instant results, now with an added lasting tan. Body Blur Sunless Glow adds coverage to minimise the appearance of imperfections such as bruising, scars and spider veins, it adds a lasting tan tint AND a gorgeous skin glow.

    Bethan, bronzed and glowing after her tan!

    Bethan says "I think a general misconception is that it covers up your skin, but for me it's about enhancing my skin".

    Body Blur Sunless Glow is available in 3 shades to suit a variety of skin tones, meaning you can choose a shade to perfectly complement and enhance your skin tone, or choose to go a shade darker for more of a luxe, bronzing finish.

    Bethan also says "It feels comfortable, like I've got moisturiser on but its not sticky".

    Body Blur Sunless Glow is formulated with natural ingredients & organic botanicals for your most skin loving glow, such as; Aloe Vera for its anti inflammatory and soothing skincare benefits, and Shea Butter for its hydration and nourishment properties.

    If you want to give your skin a flawless glow this summer head to the Boots website, where all Vita Liberata products are currently Buy One Get One Half Price.

    Stay tuned this month to listen to the rest of our influencer’s tanning stories

  • Glow Your Own Way – Josie Fear aka Fashion Mumblr loves pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan

    Here at Vita Liberata we believe the perfect accessory to any outfit is a flawless looking tan, which is why we were super excited when top fashion influencer Josie aka Fashion Mumblr joined us to talk all things tanning!

    Scrolling through Josie’s Instagram feed you’d be forgiven for thinking that golden glow of hers comes from weeks of jet-setting off to gorgeous locations across the globe - please can we come with you next time! But, as Josie reveals, she’s naturally quite pale “I sometimes forget that because I wear fake tan nearly all the time, though.” Same, Josie.

    Josie explains to us that “[I] think a lot of people still think tanning looks un-natural,” but that when she wears Vita Liberata “a lot of my friends ask me where I have been on holiday”. That natural glow is down to two things, excellent preparation using the Vita Liberata Super Fine Skin Polish exfoliator and pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse, our longest lasting tan with Moisture Lock technology for the perfect fade.

    “This particular product is great because it lasts so long and the ingredients in this are so good for my skin” Josie tells us. She’s not wrong! Formulated with Aloe Vera, Ginkgo Biloba and Raspberry extracts, pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan nourishes your skin while also leaving you bronzed and glowing for up to 3 weeks.

    As well as being kind to your skin, 100% natural and vegan, pHenomenal Tan also has Odour Remove Technology, Flash Dry Effect and Moisture Locking systems, so you don’t have to worry about the tell-tale tanner smell, being sticky or having dry patchy skin ruining your flawless glow!

    Josie’s thoughts on her pHenomenal Tan? “This is genuinely more brown than two weeks in the Maldives! It just looks so natural.” Josie’s golden glow is stunning, and her favourite part is that a sunless tan means she’s protecting herself from over exposure to UV rays. She’s not alone in being hesitant to spend hours sunning herself by the pool in a bid to get a beach bronze though. Plenty of people are starting to opt for safer ‘sunless’ tans to protect themselves against harmful UV rays. Something Vita Liberata is perfect for!

    Josie also adds that she thinks “the most striking thing is how much better an outfit looks.” Which coming from a fashion expert is high praise indeed! We definitely agree that a beautiful bronze can make any outfit pop.

    If you want pHenomenal 2-3 Tan to be your go to summer accessory this year head to the Boots website, where all Vita Liberata products are currently Buy One Get One Half Price.

  • Glow Your Own Way with Sal aka The Eyebrow King

    Everyone’s favourite eyebrow guru and self-confessed beauty addict Sal, aka The Eyebrow King, joined us to talk about all things tanning – after all, perfect brows + flawless tan are the basis of any winning makeup look! He told us why he loves Vita Liberata and why he uses our Fabulous Gradual Tanning Lotion to top up his natural glow, find out what he had to say below.

    “I have really sensitive skin and when I go in the sun I get pigmentation on my body” Sal tells us, and we totally get it! Here at Vita Liberata we are dedicated to preventing skin damage through excess sun exposure by creating natural looking, organic products that leave your skin healthy and glowing. So you can look like you’ve spent 2 weeks sunning it up in Santorini, all year round, without any harmful effects from the sun!

    On seeing his glowing transformation, Sal says: “I won’t lie, I feel like I’ve been to Bora Bora and back!” His go-to product? Our Fabulous Gradual Tanning Lotion, which can be applied daily to build up from a sunkissed bronze, to a deep, golden tan.

    As well as being formulated with organic Marula Oil to keep your skin soft and smooth, Fabulous Gradual Tanning Lotion doesn’t have that tell-tale tanning smell, as Sal points out, “I hate that biscuit smell most tanners have and this doesn’t have it!” Fabulous Lotion is also quick drying so you can apply it and then get on with your day!

    “Being tan and glowy I feel healthier and I feel good,” Sal added, and we couldn’t agree more.  At Vita Liberata we believe that feeling good in your body is the most important thing, which is why all of our products are organic, vegan and cruelty free, so that your skin is being treated to the very best ingredients along with giving you the most natural bronze possible.

    “People always tell me I look better when I’m tanned,” and with Fabulous Gradual Daily Lotion you can be tanned all year round. One application leaves you looking sunkissed for up to 7 days and you can build it up daily to achieve your perfect tan. The subtle hint of colour means it’s ideal if you’re new to tanning or want a gentle glow that you can gradually build.

    The 3 words Sal used to describe his gorgeous Vita Liberata tan? “Sunkissed, fabulous and… sexy!” and we definitely think he’s right!

    To get your glow on just like Sal head to your nearest Boots store, where all Vita Liberata products are currently Buy One Get One Half Price.


  • Meet The Glow Team... Megan Rose Lane Makeup Artist

    “There is something about having a tan which just makes you feel like you’re glowing…that is really empowering and can make you feel really sexy” We couldn’t agree more Megan!

    Makeup artist and beauty blogger Megan Rose Lane joined us as part of our Glow Your Own Way campaign to tell us all about her favourite Vita Liberata products and how her tanning journey has changed since becoming pregnant.

    Megan says: “since I found I was pregnant I switched to completely natural and organic skincare 95% of the time”. Her go-to self tanning product, Invisi Foaming Tan Water definitely ticks that box. It’s 96% Organic, 100% transfer free and our darkest tan yet! The best bit? The organic water pumps out as a completely colourless mousse, so you can wear white as soon as you’ve applied it, with no risk of staining your favourite summer outfit.

    Megan’s Must Have Product – Invisi Foaming Tan Water

    The added Aloe Vera means your skin is left feeling and looking soft, smooth and luxurious – this super active organic ingredient is what gives the water its natural golden shade. What’s more, Invisi Tanning Water has no odour, as Megan points out - “my boyfriend has no idea I’m wearing it because it has no smell!”

    Megan also says “I feel like once I’ve got it on I don’t even feel like I’m wearing anything” which is perfect for those busy summer days when you don’t want to feel sticky.

    We’re passionate about creating products which allow you to live your best life, and that means formulas that feel like nothing on your skin and are free from any toxins or potentially harmful chemicals. Made using exclusively natural ingredients, there are zero chemicals of concern in any of our products, which means that for mums-to-be like Megan, you don’t have to worry about using our products during your pregnancy.*

    Like many people, one of Megan’s biggest fears about wearing self tan is the risk of transfer, “Every other time I’ve used [fake tan] it’s transferred on to clothes and stained, but this doesn’t do it”

    No color, no chemicals, no transfer on to clothes – it’s clear to see why Invisi Tan is the easiest way to get your glow!

    Invisi Foaming Tan Water is available now at Boots in store and online.

    Stay tuned this month to listen to the rest of our influencer’s tanning stories.

    *In line with industry standards, we advise not to use self tan during the first trimester

  • Meet The GLOW Team...Nadine Baggott Beauty Journalist and Youtuber #GlowYourOwnWay

    "A great self tan is like confidence in a bottle" - we couldn't have put it better ourselves, Nadine! The one and only Nadine Baggott joined us for our latest campaign to talk about what self tanning means for her.

    Health & beauty journalist, presenter and Youtuber, Nadine has a wealth of industry knowledge - so when it comes to self tan, she knows what she's talking about...

    Nadine says “it's so important to choose a formulation that suits your skin type”.

    We're dedicated to bringing you self tan that's primarily based around skincare, so that you're getting nourished AND bronzed skin. Our collection is super versatile; there's an application type that suits everyone, whether it be in the form of a mousse, lotion, serum, mask or powder.

    Nadine also says “the colour is important, choose a shade that suits your skin tone”.

    Our products are designed to give you your most natural looking glow, full stop. Choose your shade according to the depth of tan you wish to achieve; a buildable formula for a subtle tan, shade 'light' for a weekend in the sun look, shade 'medium' for a week in the sun look and shade 'dark' for a 2 weeks in the sun look.

    Nadine Baggott's glow to products

    Self Tanning Anti Age Serum

    Our silky smooth serum is a made to measure tanning serum with intense anti age benefits. It gives a natural-looking face glow, whilst helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and plumping & conditioning skin.

    Nadine loves our Serum for a “slow build face glow”, she uses it “3 or 4 nights in a row to get that 'I've been in the sun for 2 weeks look'”. Nadine says "It's got a hydrating, glow feel to it so it makes your skin look plump and healthy".

    Body Blur

    Multi award winning Body Blur is a HD body makeup that gives skin coverage to any imperfections such as bruising, cellulite and spider veins, a subtle tan tint and a gorgeous glow.

    Nadine swears by Body Blur because of it's “natural looking colour” and the fact that “it never goes wrong”!

    'Good fake tan goes by unnoticed... you don't look at the fake tan, you just look at the perfect skin' - Nadine Baggott.

    Stay tuned this month to listen to the rest of our influencer's tanning stories.

  • Glow Your Own Way - Self Tan For Everyone!

    Vita Liberata houses a team of passionate experts dedicated to creating the latest game changers in the tanning industry, and we're here to tell you that self tan is for EVERYONE. Gone are the days of 'fake tan' that's sticky, smelly, patchy and messy, we're talking about self tan... It's still your skin, just on its very best day.
    We're proud to offer a collection of organic, nourishing self tans that suit all skin tones, textures, ages and conditions. Our tans are;

    Odourless thanks to FlashDry technology for instantly dry results

    Hydrating due to our MoistureLock system that keeps skin hydrated for 72 hours after application

    Fast Drying with help from FlashDry Effect for super fast drying results

    Nourishing as we formulate our products with the very best organic and natural ingredients

    Natural Looking due to formulas that adapt to your skin tone, for your most natural looking tan

    100% natural Vegan Cruelty free

    So join the movement, and glow your own way.

    To celebrate our diverse collection of self tans, and to bust myths around our advanced tanning products, we took 10 influencers each with completely different skin types, to talk about their self tan experience.

    Nadine Baggot

    Health & beauty journalist, presenter and Youtuber, Nadine has a wealth of industry knowledge.

    Megan Lane

    Megan is a trained MUA turned beauty influencer with a passion for skincare, self love, wellness and beauty.

    Sal Sal, aka The Eyebrow King, is a beauty YouTuber who specialises in fun makeup videos.

    Bethan Webb Bethan is a self confessed makeup addict! With a passion for creating makeup tutorials and spreading body positivity.

    Josie Fear Fashion & lifestyle blogger Josie shares vlogs, tutorials and beauty favourites on her Youtube & Instagram.

    Emily Beeson Social media expert Emily, is an up and coming lifestyle influencer with a focus on vegan beauty.

    Hilary Dart With over 25 years of beauty experience, Hilary is a brand consultant for some of the industry's leading brands.

    Nalintha Kayser Model/actress/radio host/interior designer turned beauty and nutrition influencer, Nalintha has a whole range industry expertise.

    Aliyah Blackwood
    Model Aliyah works with some of the industry's leading beauty and fashion brands, to showcase their products.
    Coral Kwayie Model and Instagram influencer Coral, is known for her gorgeous freckled skin and feels strongly about the media's responsibility to represent people with different looks.

    Together, we formed the ultimate GLOW TEAM - stay tuned this month to listen to each of our influencer's individual tanning stories.

  • Lily Aldridge GLOWS in Vita Liberata at The CFDA Fashion Awards!

    The CFDA Fashion Awards returned last night, and what red carpet would be complete without a golden girl to steal the show? Super model Lily Aldridge is the latest celebrity fan of our organic, skin perfecting products! Lily paired her faux glow with a cream lace dress for ultimate bronzed goddess vibes.

    We caught up with celebrity makeup artist Quinn Murphy on how he created Lily's showstopping glow; “For Lily’s red carpet look I wanted her to glow and look healthy, sexy and radiant. I applied Vita Liberata's Invisi Foaming Tan Water in Medium/Dark over her entire body several hours before the red carpet. This is my go to product for red carpets because it dries quickly, applies evenly and gives the most realistic skin like tan. It’s perfect before events as it won’t transfer onto clothing, and I won’t have to worry about damaging the clothes or making an enemy of the stylist, especially since Lily is wearing a white dress! For the most even results, I applied it with the Vita Liberata Tanning Mitt. I put a few pumps into the glove and applied using circular motions. We allowed the product to develop while we moved onto makeup and hair. I applied Vita Liberata's Beauty Blur Skin Tone Optimizer in Latte Light to her face using a damp Beauty Blender. It evens out the skin in the most delicate way giving an amazingly flawless skin finish. Once the makeup was finished, I applied Vita Liberata's Body Blur Sunless Glow in Latte all over her body for a stunning red carpet glow. It evens out the skin tone and has a gorgeous golden sheen that picks up the light beautifully under the camera flash. It also contains a sunless tanning ingredient that works while wearing the makeup so she has a lasting glow.”

    Recreate Lily's glow at home, shop the look at

  • Vita Liberata & Beauty Influencers Recreate Iconic Red Carpet Looks Ahead Of The Oscars Using Their Brand New Products

    Lights, camera, GLOW

    Team Vita Liberata spent last week in the glamorous town of Hollywood ahead of the 2018 Oscars and three very exciting new collection launches!

    Body Blur Sunless Glow

    Our latest innovation is the ultimate multi-tasker - it’s a body makeup and self tanner in one! Enjoy all of the instant skin perfecting benefits of Body Blur, now with an added lasting tan! Apply just like Body Blur for instant smoothing, bronzing and flawless skin. Leave on for 6-8 hours whilst the tan develops, then rinse off to reveal a lasting colour!

    Beauty Blur

    You love Body Blur so much - and show us how you love to use it in makeup looks as a primer, highlight and glowy base - that we decided to make a version especially for your face! Available in 5 shades, Beauty Blur optimizes skin tone, gives a natural tint, blurs imperfections and is a perfect primer! Hello, no-makeup glow!

    New shades of Body Blur

    We know just how much you love Body Blur, (we do too!) and you asked for more options, so we’ve created two brand new shades for you to choose from. Cafe Creme - our lightest shade, which is perfect for paler skin tones and those who want a hint of a tan with a flawless glow. And Latte Dark - in between Latte and our darkest shade, Mocha. It’s perfect for deeper, olive skin tones or those who want a deep dark glow.

    Read on to take a glimpse behind the scenes of our red carpet inspired photoshoot ahead of this weekend Oscars, featuring 5 very familiar faces.

    CC Mason spotted getting glowy behind the scenes with celebrity Makeup Artist Allan Avendano using our brand new, lightest shade of Body Blur; Café Crème.

    Allan Avendano gives In the Frow AKA Victoria Magrath the ultimate body glow (that lasts!) using our brand new Body Blur Sunless Glow in shade Latte Light.

    Hello face GLOW! Allan Avendano gives Laura Lee the ultimate glowing complexion using brand new Beauty Blur in shade Latte. Melissa Alatorre is all about the glow in our new Body Blur Sunless Glow! It's a body makeup and self tanner in one - enjoy all of the instant skin perfecting benefits of Body Blur, now with an added lasting tan!

    Natural Neiicey AKA Shaneice Parkin is given the ultimate glow-over & flawless complexion using brand new Beauty Blur in shade Mocha.

    And the finished look…

    Move over Oscar nominees, say hello to the new IT list - we transformed five of our favorite beauty influencers into their Hollywood icon!

    Laura Lee as Jennifer Lopez, Melissa Alatorre as Eva Longoria, Victoria Magrath as Gwyneth Paltrow, CC Mason as Emma stone and Shaneice Parkin as Luptia Nyong'o.

    Discover more about our brand new products used at the shoot at

    Beauty Blur £29.95 available at Body Blur Sunless Glow £32.50 available at Body Blur Café Crème & Body Blur Latte Dark £29.95 available at

  • Keemia Ferasat On Starting Style Saulte | #VLWoman

    Keemia Ferasat founded digital media brand Style Salute with digitally-savvy  millennial women in mind, giving them a space to visit for content relating to lifestyle, fashion, beauty, career, health and more! We sat down with Keemia to hear about why she decided to start her own business and to learn what the formula is behind her success.

    Why did you decide to start Style Salute? I had a vision to create a destination for young women to explore and celebrate their personal style, and that vision of empowering women to be confident and creative has always been at the core of Style Salute. As CEO and founder of Style Salute, my mission is not only to build a disruptive media company but also a distinctive brand for this generation.

    How did you take it from being just an idea into the operation that it is today? A longtime women’s power enthusiast, I launched Style Salute in January 2017 after spotting a gap in the women’s media market for thought-provoking content that leans into the confidence and ambition of the female millennial woman. it first started with an idea to inspire women, and after many *many* conversations with women in all walks of life, I began to better understand what was missing in media, and then I started to quickly conceptualize how the company would operate and it's vision and mission moving forward.

    How did you build your team? I launched this company in August 2016 with a team of freelance writer, interns, editors, and engineers; all very different people, different backgrounds, but with a shared vision. A shared vision of celebrating individuality and creativity, and creating content for women that’s interesting, compelling, and impactful.

    What is your ultimate mission? Here at Style Salute, we're all about the positive power of women, and we're on a mission to help women feel, see, and own their power.

    What's the first thing you read every morning? Twitter.

    What's your top tip for a productive day? Take 5 minutes in the morning to meditate. My morning meditation involves just spending 5 minutes when I first wake up to review my day in my head. It doesn't sound like much, but that 5 minutes help me gain balance and stay focused throughout the day.

    What does a typical day at the office involve? A typical day at Style Salute HQ starts with a morning editorial meeting, Here, we review our content calendar, as well as current and future brand campaigns. Afternoons are typically for meetings and content reviews, and we usually wrap the day with brand project reviews.

    After a busy day, how do you like to spend your evenings? Dinner out with friends and colleagues is always one of my favorite ways to spend my evenings. If I don't have anywhere to be, I also love to come home and cook with family and friends.

    What's your morning skincare regimen? I love the feeling of cold skincare, so I keep a lot of my skincare products in the refrigerator. My morning skincare regimen typically involves washing my face with a Clarins cleaner, then following with a Clarins toner and Clarins Double Serum Complete Age Control Concentrate. I have very dry so I always apply a creamy moisturizer. My favorites are La Mer The Crème and Olay Regenerist.

    What are your three ultimate beauty must-haves? One product I make sure to use every single day without fail is a sunblock. I’ve recently fallen in love with Elizabeth Arden's PREVAGE® City Smart Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Hydrating Shield.

    What is your definition of beauty? Confidence. True beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes, body, and manner. A woman that is confident radiates strength, passion and beauty.

    If you could give one piece of advice to someone starting their own venture, what would it be? Authenticity is Everything. In this digital world, you are the center of your brand. Both your personal and professional life reflect the personality of your business. So, in order to be the best leader, I would tell anyone starting their own venture to be authentic and transparent in all that they do.

    Who do you look to for advice and inspiration? My favorite piece of career advice would have to be from Richard Branson: “To be successful, you have to be out there.” It reminds me that if you are running a business, you have to hit the ground running and if you have a good team around you, amazing things can happen.

    What is your proudest achievement so far? My proudest work achievement so far was when I felt the energy and saw the turn out at the Style Salute launch party. It was such a wonderful moment, and I'm so filled with gratitude.

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